Housing Assistance Application

Information about This Application

  1. Complete as much information as possible to avoid delays.
    (If you have previously applied for housing assistance or received services of any type from Catholic Charities East Bay, please contact your Catholic Charities intake specialist or case manager instead of completing this application form. At this time we are giving priority to those who have not previously received financial assistance.)
    Unrelated individuals (roommates) who are listed on a lease must each file their own application for the amount of assistance each needs. Related family households only need to file a single application.
  2. After you click submit, you will receive a confirmation if you provided a valid email. Your application will then be reviewed.
  3. Our Intake Coordinator will contact you if you may be eligible for help.
  4. If you are eligible for help, you’ll need to provide the following:
    1. Proof of Income;
    2. Proof of Current Residence;
    3. Valid Government Issued ID;
    4. Documentation of COVID-19-related financial loss
  5. If you are not eligible for help, you will be notified by email. We will let you know about other potential resources you can contact

County of Residence:

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How many of the following age groups, including yourself, live in your household? (numbers only)
Seniors age 55+?
Adults age 25-54?
Young adults age 18-24?
Children age 0-17?

What is your monthly household income from all sources, e.g. wages, EDD, CalWorks, etc? (numbers only)

Check this box if you are currently receiving assistance from the Oakland Housing Authority.

Check this box if you are currently receiving Section 8 assistance.

How did you hear about us?

Information about Your Needs

Check this box and complete the next question if your request for assistance is related to the coronavirus/COVID-19.

How were you affected by coronavirus/COVID-19? (check all that apply)

Loss of Housing   Job Loss/Reduced Wages

Personal Sickness   Loss of Childcare, Resulting in Inability to Work

Which type of assistance do you need? (check all that apply)

Back Rent     1st Month's Rent

Deposit      Mortgage

How much do you owe? (whole number only)

How many months do you owe? (whole number only)

The following questions are optional and will not affect your eligibility.

Even with the eviction moratorium in place, is your landlord threatening you with eviction or asking you to leave?

Have you moved two or more times in the past 60-days because of job loss, loss of income, or other financial reasons?

Is anyone in your household currently pregnant?

Does your family have an open case with Child Protective Services?

Have you been arrested or incarcerated in the last year?

By clicking submit, I acknowledge and understand that I am not guaranteed financial assistance.