Why leave a job you love?

By Stephen Mullin
Steve Mullin - Parish Outreach manager

Stephen Mullin – parish outreach manager

Why leave a job you love? That is a question I have asked myself over and over as I experienced a period of true discernment. For 13 years I acted as the parish life director of All Saints Parish in Hayward.  I was responsible for the pastoral and administrative needs of a very diverse and dynamic faith community. Working with both the lay and ordained members of the staff, it was one of the most unique and exciting ministries in the country. Each day brought new challenges and opportunities to share faith and build a community that made church relevant and effective.

Why leave a job you love? I felt a sense of restlessness.  I found myself more and more challenged by Pope Francis’ call to connect with the poor and marginalized. Last December I had some conversations with Catholic Charities of the East Bay. I was immediately struck by an energy and professionalism that I had not previously witnessed in the organization. New and veteran members of the staff were excited about the direction and future of the agency. They were passionate about connecting others to the good work they were doing. Their desire to lead those struggling economically and emotionally to independence and stability was very attractive to me. When I was offered a position on the Catholic Charities team I knew something special was happening.

Steve Mullin

Steve in action

As the new manager of parish relationships I am excited to connect the 84 parishes of the Diocese of Oakland with the work of Catholic Charities of the East Bay.

Each week tens of thousands of Catholics sit in the pews hearing the challenge of the Gospel to be with the poor and marginalized. By connecting the talents of these people with the expertise of Catholic Charities we will be able to help many more people and make the person, message and healing of Jesus present to the people of the East Bay. Now that is Good News worth proclaiming!

I invite you to come and see how our commitment to “Welcoming the Stranger” is transforming more lives than ever. Our Transforming Lives Tours are on the second and third Thursday of every month at our main office located on 433 Jefferson Street, Oakland. Please contact Debra Gunn at (510) 768-3142 or dgunn@cceb.org to attend.