What Do You Have to Be Thankful For?

Imagine if you were fighting stage 4 liver cancer. Imagine receiving an eviction notice, knowing that you would be forced from your home unless you paid rent that you simply could not pay. Imagine the fear of homelessness, dreading that your child, or grandchild, would be taken away from you.

That is the fear Cassandra lived with day after day. Over time, this fear nearly crushed her and her sister, Lillie. “My faith waivered. I felt like God left me, just went off and left me to suffer,” explained Cassandra.

A family friend referred them to Catholic Charities of the East Bay’s Critical Family Needs program. Dora Segura, a Catholic Charities case worker, immediately put them at ease. “She convinced us that becoming homeless was not going to happen,” said Lillie. “And we felt a burden lifted.”

Catholic Charities provided funds to pay for back rent and their current month. A small amount of support was enough to help keep the sisters and their two grandsons in their home.

As they celebrate Thanksgiving, their household is stable, and their grandchildren are living happily with them.

Catholic Charities of the East Bay“I just felt like I was losing everything. And yes, Catholic Charities did restore my faith, and I am eternally grateful,” said Lillie.  As we enter the season of Advent, take a moment to reflect – What do you have to be thankful for?


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