Catholic Charities of the East Bay – New Website, New Blog

Chuck Fernandez, CEO

Chuck Fernandez, CEO

Welcome to Catholic Charities of the East Bay’s (CCEB) fresh new blog. When I was appointed the new Chief Executive Officer for CCEB at the end of May, 2014, I sought opportunities to reach out to our diverse followers. It has been a quick but exhilarating five months as the CEO, and I am eager to use this platform as part of a two-way communication with you.

I would like to thank Steve Wilcox for his strong and steady leadership during the interim period while the board of directors searched for a CEO. Steve has spent many successful years in the corporate world and brought those skills to Catholic Charities. It’s never easy being in an interim role but Steve’s unique skills provided the steady leadership needed. Thank you Steve.

Prior to CCEB, I had the honor of being the Executive Director for Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Santa Rosa. Together with the staff, board of directors, volunteers, the community, and supporters, we strengthened the agency and provided needed mission based services to the poor and vulnerable. During that process, I grew tremendously as a business professional, human being, and Catholic. I realized that God had a plan for each one of us and mine just happened to be working for Catholic Charities to help them reach their full potential as the social service arm of the Catholic Church. I felt truly blessed and humbled.

I am very excited to be the CEO of Catholic Charities of the East Bay. I am again blessed and humbled with this responsibility. Catholic social service is such an important part of the church’s mission.

In my new role, I would like to communicate with you every month – actually twice a month. Beginning in November, I will be posting a blog every two weeks about the happenings at Catholic Charities of the East Bay. In addition, our program directors will provide updates on their work here in the East Bay, touching on topics ranging from housing assistance for the needy, immigration advocacy and restorative justice. Through it, I hope to engage your participation in a dialogue or action, and urge you to use the comments section. The first blog will be about the business of Catholic Charities. I will be sharing the vision, goals, progress, and challenges of leading a multi-million dollar agency. High on my list of actions include strengthening our community and strategic partnerships, establishing best practices and results-based high social impact services, and achieving agency accreditation through the Council on Accreditation.

The second blog is a Mission Moment and will be around the services we provide to those most in need. This is the “heart work” and where I will share the truly wonderful impact that our passionate staff is making in the lives of high need families in the East Bay. As CEO, the most important influence I can make is in the field where the slow and steady work of God progresses every day – helping our clients move from Crisis to Stability to Prosperity.

I look forward to sharing our progress, our successes, our challenges, and the rewards of helping a mom, a child, a struggling teenager or adult move forward. By working together – staff, board, partners, and you our most generous supporters, we will make a collective impact for the common good. When we combine all our faiths and creative energies, we will lovingly Welcome the Stranger, Heal Trauma, and Foster Self-Sufficiency.

How can we make this a truly two-way conversation? Please let us know what you would like to hear in these pages.

With kindest regards until next month,