Catholic Charities of the East Bay supports our community impacted by the Ghostship Fire

We pray for those who have died or been harmed by the tragic fire in the Fruitvale neighborhood: For families and loved ones; for neighbors and the community; for first responders and those aiding in recovery.

We grieve with the community and offer our services to aid in healing.

As a leader in trauma-informed mental health services, members of our mental health team are responding where they can help loved ones impacted by the trauma of this event. Already, we have been called upon to support a school with children affected by this loss.

We know that the need for services will continue to grow, which is why we have reached out to the City of Oakland to affirm that we stand ready to assist where we can when we are needed. A tragedy of this magnitude stretches resources and requires multiple levels of support.

We are also in conversation with local parishes, the Diocese of Oakland, and other Catholic organizations to ensure unified support to the people of Oakland and the greater Bay Area affected by this event. As a faith community, we are called to be present to comfort those in pain and to support healing in a time of loss.

Our mental health team provides trauma-informed mental health services within the Oakland Unified School District and to victims of crime and loved ones of homicide victims in Alameda County.

Catholic Charities of the East Bay is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit serving people in need regardless of religion, race, national origin, gender or sexual orientation in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties.

Services and Ways to Help:

Fire Relief Fund for Victims of Ghostship Oakland Fire, Organizer: Gray Area Foundation for the Arts

City of Oakland: Information on 31st Ave fire